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Competition format and guidelines

Competition Format:

Up to 150 athletes will be assigned to shoot four 50-target sessions (200 total) over the duration of the 2-day tournament. 2 50-target sessions (100 total) will be scored on Saturday August 7th and 2 50-target sessions (100 total) will be scored on Sunday August 8th.

Competition Guidelines

All registrants will be squadded prior to opening ceremonies and will be announced August 2nd.

Squads are expected to shoot at their scheduled flight time, not before.  Athletes that miss their flights will need to check in with tournament director at the club house.

Flight/Fields/Post assignments are final.  Trades, swaps, etc. are not allowed.

Athletes will shoot two consecutive rounds of 25 targets in each session.  Athletes will shoot two sessions each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  

During each session, athletes should place the second box of shells on the table behind the score keeper for easy accessibility after the first round has been completed.

Squads cannot take a break between rounds during each session except to retrieve the second box of ammunition and rehydrate, as necessary.

Squads must be prepared to shoot immediately after the previous squad completes their round but are not to start before their scheduled flight time.

Competition Tiebreaking

The longest reverse run of cumulative hit targets from both days will be used.  The longest reverse run score will start from the last target of the final round and count backwards until a missed target is reached to determining the tiebreaker score.  If the cumulative score and reverse run are tied, a shoot off will occur.

Score and revers run tiebreaker.  Ties for the award places after a reverse run tie has been determined will participate in a shoot off where the athletes will compete in a multiple target event.  The following station starting assignments will be drawn from a hat to determine the rotation of shooters for the shoot-off.

2 shooters – stations 2 and 4

3 shooters – stations 2,3, and 4

4 shooters – stations 2,3,4 and 5

5 shooters – stations 1,2,3,4, and 5


Each athlete will be presented up to 2 targets per station.  Once teach athlete has successfully completed the 2 attempts at a given station, the squad will rotate in a clockwise manner to the next station.  An athlete is removed from competition of their first target declared “lost”.  The shoot off ends when one of the final 2 athletes suffers a “lost” target and the remaining athlete breaks the final target in each round.  A round consists of up to 10 targets thrown (2 per station).  Once a round has been completed, remaining competitors will move o to the following rounds.

Round 1: 2 targets at each station from the 16-yard line

Round2: 2 targets at each station from the 20-yard line

Round 3: 2 targets at each station from the 24-yard line

Round 4: 2 targets at each station from the 27-yard line


Target Sand Ammunition

Competition targets are included with the participation fee.  Athletes will shoot 200 targets for the event. All athletes are responsible for providing their own ammunition, which must adhere to shooting range specifications.

Reloaded ammunition is not allowed for use at this event.

Ammunition may be purchased on site by ordering from the registration page.

Voice-released target will be used on all fields.  Targets may be released manually in instances of equipment malfunctions.

Practice Rounds

Practice rounds are $9 each for a round of 25 targets.

Practice rounds are available prior to event on Saturday and Sunday.

Suspension of Competition Due to Hazardous Weather Conditions

In the event of inclement weather before or during the tournament, the event committee will make safety the first priority. When lightning is observed or thunder is heard, the event must be suspended. The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion. Lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder.

Everyone will be asked to take shelter either inside of a building, shelter, or vehicle. If, after lightning is seen, and it does not reoccur for 30 minutes, the event committee will review weather reports and the committee will decide if/or when the competition will resume.

If severe weather is forecast, and time permits, all participants will shoot a lesser number of targets as determined by the event committee. If time permits, all participants will shoot more targets until the prescribed number of targets has been shot. If weather does not permit completion of the shooting, the team with the highest score of the round(s) every shooter was able to complete, will be deemed the winner of that competition.

If a competition cannot be held due to severe/inclement weather, the competition and all future events will occur one day following the scheduled day.

Check In

See Schedule for check in times.


Scheduled shooting times and field assignments

Specific time and field assignments for all participants are posted on the tournament’s website and clubhouse during the event.  Each athlete will receive their squadding on August 2nd through email. 


Scorekeepers are provided by the host shooting range.

Scores are recorded on the pre squadded scoring sheet and tallied in the clubhouse.  Scores will be posted on monitors if available and on the tournament’s website.

The only time a round score may be disputed is on the field immediately after a scorer has announced a lost target.  

Scores are recounted by event officials to ensure accuracy.  Mis marked or illegible scoring sheets are considered a lost target by official scorers.  All scores are considered final after final results are posted.  

Award Ceremony

Awards ceremony and banquet dinner to be held at the conclusion of competition.

Spectator Area:

All spectators are welcomed to attend the event.  All spectators are to stay behind the line.

Food and beverages

Food and non-alcoholic beverages can be brought to the event or purchased on event grounds and consumed in spectator areas.  


No pets are allowed during the event.

No alcohol allowed on premises.

Official Event T shirt

All participating athletes will receive an official event t-shirt as part of their paid registration fee.  A limited supply of t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event.


Parking will take place at Ski Gull and shuttles will be used to bring athletes and spectators to the gun range.  Handicapped parking is the only parking allowed at the gun range.  

Drone Use

Drone use is not allowed.

Countdown to Clays